Our mission

We are committed to being the industry’s most trusted specialty distributor by providing customer-oriented solutions, unmatched service levels, and a unique distribution network to ensure the highest-quality patient care.

Our customers are our partners for life

“They are incredibly responsive during random times, holidays, and weekends. They always get us products when we need them.”

Pharmacy Manager Partner Hospital, Arizona

“With BioCareSD we receive that hands-on, we care about you feeling. That feeling is backed up with a level of service delivery unsurpassed in our experience.”

Sharon LeBouef, MSN, RN Managing Member National Pharmacy Acquisition, LLC

“BioCareSD goes above and beyond to deliver what they promise.”

Marketing Director Manufacturer Partner

“They are extremely reliable, responsive, easy to do business with. Just wonderful. They do people really well.”

Pharmacy Purchaser Partner Hospital, California

“We have relied on BioCareSD as a trusted business partner since 2014, and highly recommend them as a leading distributor of specialty medications.”

Eric Krause, Vice President of Procurement Soleo Health

“I’ve worked with other companies and BioCareSD is by far the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Manager, Transfusion Medicine Partner Hospital, Washington D.C.

We go to any length to ensure life-saving drugs get where they're needed, when they're needed

Braving bad weather isn’t heroic.
Until it is.

The Arizona desert is known for its “monsoon season” during the hot summer months. Havoc can be caused by the heavy rain, wind, and dust storms. During one of these horrific storms, a person was impaled by a tree branch, causing very serious injuries. A local hospital called us with a STAT order for a factor product as part of the treatment for the patient’s heavy bleeding.

Within minutes of receiving the order, a BioCareSD staff member was navigating a vehicle through a power outage, low visibility, and flooding roads, to deliver the factor product to the hospital.

A waiting pharmacist rushed it to the emergency room where the patient was being treated.

That evening, a local television station broadcast a news story about the storm, including the miraculous recovery of the patient injured by the tree branch, who was stable and on the road to a full recovery.

New Year’s Day isn’t life-or-death. Until it is.

It was New Year’s Day—when most are celebrating the holiday—when an academic hospital needed a large dose of Factor VII STAT to help save the life of a trauma patient.

The hospital contacted two large national wholesalers, but because traditional air cargo was closed for New Year’s, neither was able to deliver product until the following day—at the earliest.

Because of our very unique distribution network and expert staff, BioCareSD was able to deliver a Factor VII product within just three hours.

That hospital has been a customer of BioCare ever since.