ADMA Biologics Announces BioCareSD Selected as Primary Authorized Distributor of ASCENIV™ and First Commercial Sales

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BioCareSD has been selected by ADMA Biologics, Inc. as the primary authorized national distributor for ASCENIV.

ASCENIV is a plasma-derived, polyclonal human immune globulin product.  ASCENIV is indicated for the treatment of Primary Humoral Immunodeficiency or Primary Immune Deficiency Disease (“PI”) in adults and adolescents (12 to 17 years of age).

“The first commercial sales of ASCENIV, our third FDA-approved product, marks another major milestone in ADMA’s history,” said Adam Grossman, President and Chief Executive Officer of ADMA Biologics.  “ASCENIV is a novel Intravenous Immune Globulin (“IVIG”), which is manufactured using our unique, patented plasma donor screening methodology and tailored plasma pooling design, which blends normal source plasma and plasma from donors tested using our proprietary microneutralization assay.  This proprietary biologic product is now commercially available for ordering in the U.S. and we are actively working with our distribution partner, BioCareSD, and the physician community, to drive adoption of ASCENIV for appropriate patients in the U.S. who could derive benefit.”

Linda Matthews, president of BioCareSD, said, “We are once again, humbled and honored to be selected as the primary distributor for another one of ADMA Biologics’ key products.  The continued strength in partnership between both organizations ensures these patients with Primary Immune Deficiency receive their treatment in the most expeditious way possible.    Our BioCareSD ConnectTMservice model continues to reinforce our reputation among manufacturers and providers alike for our integrity, flexibility and service excellence.”

For more information about the efficacy and safety of ASCENIV, click ASCENIV_PI.

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